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Mother of the bride gown selections are better at Andrea's Fashions. Mother of the bride gown must have a quiet regal quality about it, so that there's no mistaking who the mother of the bride is. An important occasion such as your daughter's wedding requires that you, as the mother of the bride, wear something special. Nothing fancy, just something quiet—something that will not upstage the bride. After all, it is the bride's day, and you as the mother must put the message across that it is you who raised this woman to be best bride that she can be. But the occasion warrants that while your gown is quiet, it must stand out among those worn by the women guests. It must be of a cheerful color, a little muted of course, without much frill, but not too austere as to be mistaken for a business suit. It must show restraint, but it must also be striking enough so that when memories of the day are recorded, the important mother of the bride has a chance to stand out and be commented on by viewers as a woman of style and substance. It must be also comfortable, so that you have the freedom of movement you need when you entertain your daughter's guests.

Such is the difficulty of finding the 'perfect' mother of the bride gown. To those who have become parents, there's such a time when choosing stylish clothes become a luxury they can't afford. It is easier to choose stylish clothes when one is single, no? All it takes is an appreciation of one's best features and taking stylish clothes of that period which plays up those best features. But as one becomes a parent and begins to deal with 'life,' it seems spending for clothes that are of a current style becomes hard to do. To a parent, the 'necessities' come first: the rent, the food, the utilities, the things needed by the kids. That's why parents sometimes become the butt of jokes of their children; they're especially cracked up by their parents' 'fashion sense.' It's not much of an issue between fathers and their sons, but with mothers and their daughters, fashion is always an issue. And there comes a time when a mother's fashion sense must awaken from its deep slumber- like their daughter's wedding. It then becomes imperative to choose the best mother of the bride gown, because it is the mother of the bride gown that announces to all in attendance that the great bride has a great mother.

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